A camp operated by university and high school students,
with support from faculty, and the community,
to ensure a world of inclusion for people with physical and mental challenges
About The Giving Camp
The Giving Camp provides activities for people with physical and mental challenges who live near a college or high school campus.
The camp is located at a local college, university, or high school where students, faculty, and staff volunteer to give back to their community as active citizens. Citizens with special needs attend at no cost to their families or guardians. <more>

Past Activities

August 2015,Tufts FOCUS - Incoming Freshmen!!
April 2015, Kids Day at Tufts
January 2015,Tufts Dinner and Theatre
August 2014,Tufts FOCUS - Incoming Freshmen!!
April 2014, Kids Day at Tufts
December 2014,Bowling and Dancing
April 2013, Kids Day at Tufts
December 2012, Davis Square with Tufts students
April 2012, Kids Day at Tufts
August 2012,FOCUS at Tufts - Welcome Freshmen!
May 2011,Woburn High School
November, December, April 2011,Tufts University
August 2010,FOCUS at Tufts. Welcome Freshmen!
May 8, 2010,Woburn High School
April 2010, Kids Day at Tufts
January 2010,Tufts adult camp
November 2009,at Tufts
August 2009,FOCUS at Tufts. Welcome Freshmen Volunteers!
April 4, 2009, Kids camp at Tufts
January, 2009, Adults at Tufts
December 13, 2008, Woburn High
November 23, 2008, Tufts Adult camp
November 15,2008, Tufts Teenage and Adult camp
August,24-28 2008 Tufts Teenage camp
May 4, 2008, Woburn High

April 12 2008, Kids Camp at Tufts
January 2008, Woburn HS

October 2007, Tufts
August 26-29, 2007 FOCUS at Tufts
April 21, 2007 Kid's Day at Tufts
April 1, 2007 Woburn High School
February 13, 2007 Bruins Game with Tufts University Students and Somerville Youth
December 9, 2006 Holiday Party at Woburn High School Pictures
November 4, 2006 Tufts University Children's Camp Pictures
August, 2006 Tufts University Giving Camp Pictures
May 20, 2006 
Woburn Pictures

April 29, 2006 Marlborough Pictures
April 23, 2006 Activities on Tufts' campus. Pictures
March 31, 2006 Dinner and activities on Tufts' campus. Pictures
Dec 3, 2005 Dinner and movie in Somerville. Pictures
Nov 13, 2005 Children's camp at Tufts
Oct 30, 2005 Halloween party at Woburn HS
August 26 - 30 , 2005 Tufts University
July, 2005 at Tufts For Adults
June 11, 2005 Marlborough High School
May 7, 2005 Woburn High School
April 16, 2005 Children's Camp at Tufts for Youth Services AmericaWeekend
March 5, 2005 Concert at Tufts
Nov. 20, 2004 Groundwork Groove, Walk, dine, dance with residents from Somerville/Medford and Cambridge. Tufts students making new friends
Nov 14, 2004. Kids camp at Tufts hosts children from Medford, Malden, Somerville, and Waltham.
Oct 30 - 31,2004 Woburn Halloween Parade. Volunteers from Woburn High School and the Boys and Girls club of Woburn.
August 28-31,2004 at Tufts. Bowling! Swan boats! Incoming freshmen host the camp for local residents!
May 15, 2004 Woburn High School hosts the camp for local residents

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We are grateful to The Cummings Foundation for their continued, generous  support of our program. They have believed in our programs since our first year.

100k for 100 - Recipient of Cummings Foundation Grant in 2015, 2012

Awarded a 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 grant from Social Capital Inc. for our Woburn High School camps.

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Grant awarded from Somerville Rotary.

Paint the Cannon with Tufts Students!

August 2015, Tufts University. Welcome Freshmen Volunteers!


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